NX3 Games
Next Experience

We do not settle for the present.
We explore and pursue the 'next' experience through endless challenges.

N e X t

e X perience

e X plorer

NX3 GAMES presents cutting-edge results through exploration of advanced graphics and technology.
We deliver new experiences to users like never before.

We pursue for the best work
that is not tied to gender, age,
and location.

Game Product
Strategy & Development


Art & Production

  • 1

    Core Development Team

    Comprise of Successful Launch and Operation Experience of MMORPG Gamess

  • 2

    Top Tier Art Direction

    Team of top tier director-level artists in the industry

  • 3

    Art Mass Production

    Internal team with experience in mass production




Our global team is working together as one team with efficient production methodology to deliver the absolute best quality.


Preparing for the next leap
Expanding the Global Experience with Rohan M
Established Development System by forming overseas studios
Started developing new next-generation MMORPG
  • 2020. 3Q

    Project Z Development Initiated / Global Target / Next Generation MMORPG

    Launch of Rohan M in Japan

  • 2020. 2Q

    Project L Development Initiated / Korea Target / Next Generation MMORPG

    North American Studio Establishment

    Launching Lohan M Southeast Asia

  • 2020. 1Q

    Establishment of Chinese Studio

Establishing a stable foundation for growth
Rohan M's achievement in Korea, Taiwan, gross sales of 100 million USD
  • 2019. 3Q

    Launching Lohan M Taiwan (Ranked 2nd in Google Sales, 2nd in Apple Sales Rankings)

  • 2019. 2Q

    Lohan M launched in Korea (Ranked 2nd in Google Sales, Ranked No.1 on One Store, App Store Sales)

  • 2017. 6

    NX3Games Established